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DiRT 3 by Codemasters

An excellent driving/rally game by codemasters following on in the DiRT series which in turn followed on from the Colin Macrae Rally Series.

I played a huge amount of Colin Macrae Rally 2005 and have a few replays of my hotlaps uploaded to my YouTube account.

The video below shows one of my early runs in Norway on DiRT 3. You may notice that the steering is very twitchy and from my point of view that made the game almost unplayable. I have recently found out how to add my Saitek Cyborg P2500 Rumble Pad to the game's configuration in order to set it up properly and have much more fun racing.

Configuration of unsupported Controller

It's reasonably simple to set up a controller to be used in DiRT 3 that is not covered by the standard installation.

1. Make sure that your controller is properly set up within Windows. Look at the configuration under Game Controllers (in the control panel) and make sure everything works. Take note of the name that is assigned to your controller. In my case it is 'Saitek Cyborg Force Rumble Pad'.

2. Now you have to locate the controller configuration files. These are located inside your DiRT 3 installation directory (i.e c:\DiRT\actionmaps). In there you will see a number of .xml files.

3. Have a look through the files and find one that is a similar controller to your one. In my case the closest was the Logitec Rumble Pad USB (lg_rumble_pad_usb.xml).

4. Copy and paste this file back into the same folder so that you have a duplicate version named Copy_of_some_controller.xml then rename it to something that relates to your controller i.e saitek_p2500_rumble.xml.

5. Now you need to open your newly created file in a text editor, like notepad and we can start the configuration process.

6. At the top of the file you will see a line that reads something like:




Q3A Config

Script Bits

Window Dims
Window Offsets
Leading Zeros


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